Ladies Designer Hats for Hire for Royal Ascot, Mother of The Bride, Weddings and other events, Berkshire, London

Ladies Designer Hat Hire

The ONLY Ladies Hat Hire in Ascot. For the Royal Ascot Races we have the Pick Up and return on the Day service. All Hats and Headpieces available rest of year on Mail Order or Collect. Prices £35.00-£80.00 p/day.Ladies Designer Hat Hire, Book online for Royal Ascot Races. The only Hat Hire at Royal Ascot Races. Hats for other events, mother of the bride, available on Mail Order. Ascot Hats from Philip Treacy, Jane Taylor, Beverley Edmondson, Rosie Olivia, Nigel Rayment and other leading Milliners.



Mens Top Hats for Ascot

Mens Top Hat Hire

We are the Only Mens Top Hat Hire in Ascot, for Royal Ascot Races. Book in Advance - Collect and Return on the Day. Mens Wool, Fur Melusine, Grey Wool and Vintage Silks available, starting at £40.00 p/day.Mens Top Hat Hire. The only Top Hat Hire at Royal Ascot Races. Wool, Fur Melusine and Vintage Silk available. Hats for other events, weddings, available on Mail Order. Also Ladies Hats from Philip Treacy, Jane Taylor, Bundle Maclaren, Rosie Olivia, Nigel Rayment and other leading Milliners.

Top Hats

Designer Millinery Hats and Headpieces for Sale, Ascot

Handmade Millinery for Sale

Prefer to have your own for keeps. Handmade Millinery for Sale in our online Shop. Or contact us if you have a special brief and we can custom make your very own piece.


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Read + Follow our Blog "The Hatista" for inspiration, tips, ideas, seasons colours, trends updates, and more for choosing your Hats or Headpieces for Royal Ascot, other Races, Weddings or Parties.


Royal Ascot Hat Hire

We are the ONLY Hat Hire in Ascot, with a collect and return on the day Service, where we use the Royal Ascot Tennis Club, at the Top of Station Hill on the opposite side of the High Street from the Racecourse Grandstand. Ladies Hats and Headpieces, and Mens Top Hats all available. This is a totally unique service that we have operated since 2010, and has proved hugely popular with Royal Ascot visitors, especially since the new Ascot Style Code asks visitors to the Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure, and Village Enclosure, to wear Hats or Headpieces. Mens and Ladies Hats, starting at just £35.00 p/day.


Mother of the Bride, Other Events Hat Hire

Hats are also available year round for other events like Aintree, Cheltenham, Henley, Kings Garden Parties, Glorious Goodwood, Epsom Races, Weddings or any other event you need a Hat for. We are not on site at any other event outside of Royal Ascot, but Hats can be hired using our Mail Order service, and we will send your Hat in the Post by Special Delivery, to arrive two days before your required to wear date.

More Ladies Designer Hat Hire, Book online for Royal Ascot Races. Mother of the Bride Hat Hire. The only Hat Hire at Royal Ascot Races. Hats for other events, mother of the bride, available on Mail Order. Ascot Hats from Philip Treacy, Jane Taylor, Bundle Maclaren, Rosie Olivia, Nigel Rayment and other leading Milliners.

Handmade Millinery available to Buy, and Custom Made

Rather have your own for keeps, we also have Handmade Millinery for Sale in our online Shop, or contact us with your brief and we can custom make your very own piece.


The ONLY Mens Top Hat Hire at Royal Ascot Races
Book in Advance
then Collect + Return on the Day


  • Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 - Ultimate Gray + Illuminating Yellow

    The American print company Pantone have announced their choice for 2021. In the past typically selecting just one color - for 2021 (just as they did in 2016) Pantone have announced two colors for Color of the Year 2021: PANTONE Ultimate Gray and PANTONE Illuminating Yellow. After the turmoil of 2020, the global color authority selected two contrasting colors that join forces to support and complement each other. Ultimate Gray is fairly neutral evoking feelings of dependability and resilience, while Illuminating is a cheery yellow that’s bright and sunny with an overall optimistic feel. Brought together, the color pairing offers hope and stability.

    Yellow isn’t a colour that you typically see everyone wearing. People see it as bright, loud, and in-your-face. It’s a bold colour, and most consider it something you wouldn’t wear if trying to play it safe. Consider your outfit well though, and yellow - the colour of the mind and intellect, associated with optimism and a cheerful disposition - isn't so difficult to pair into your outfits after all.
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  • What to wear for Winter Weddings

    Spring and Summer might be the most popular seasons to tie the knot, but Winter has its own charm and romance making it a magical time for weddings.
    If you're attending a winter wedding, the number of colour combinations are more than you thought. Flatter the bride and groom, showing them you’ve been creative with your efforts for their big day. Experiment with new shapes and wintry colours. All jewel colours work well in winter, or the colours of fallen leaves.
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  • Find the Right Hat for your Face Shape

    Find the prospect of having to wear a hat daunting? In the planet of fashion known as racewear, a hat can make or break an outfit. But in an age when few are accustomed to wearing millinery in our day-to-day lives, choosing a hat for the races can be daunting. Read the "Hatista's" Face Shape tips.

  • Cerulean Blue - Still in Pantones Top Colours 20 Years on.

    Pantone first colour of the year was named back in 2000, and was Cerulean Blue. The colour for the Millennium, chosen for its calming effect. This crisp blue recalls the sky on a clear sunny Spring day. A soothing shade to those that seek inner peace and tranquility.
    Cerulean blue has again been picked in the Pantone top 10 Colour list for 2021, and for many seeking the comfort, peace, hope and tranquility after the pandemic in 2020, Cerulean blue could be the colour that provides us with this. Read the "Hatista's" tips on wearing Blue.

  • Royal Ascot Style Guide / Dress Code

    Dressing accordingly is an essential part of Royal Ascot Races. Whether you're enjoying the day from the Royal Enclosure or Grandstand (renamed for 2016 as the Queen Anne Enclosure), there's a strict dress code for both ladies and gentleman, to maintain high standards and tradition at the Berkshire racecourse.Ladies Designer Hat Hire or Bespoke Hats made to order. Book online for Royal Ascot Races. The only Hat Hire at Royal Ascot Races 2025. Hats for other events, Mother of the bride, available on Mail Order. Ascot Hats from Philip Treacy, Jane Taylor, Peter Bettley, Rosie Olivia, Nigel Rayment and other leading Milliners. What to wear for Royal Ascot 2023.
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In the Press

“Guess what's just opened in Ascot? Our first hat shop. For crying out loud, how come no one's thought to do this before? More behatted heads than anywhere else in the world descend upon Ascot for five days every year and ladies of a certain disposition will always be prone to an additional purchase. It's so blindingly obvious, it's almost annoying. It just proves that a lot of the time you can make hard work out of looking for the next best thing when it might be right under your nose all the time. Helmet shop in Silverstone, anyone? Or if you really want to make a killing, a pasty and tea shop combined - and as close to my front door as possible.“

Chris Evans (TV Presenter, DJ and Journalist) - Daily Mail

“My wife has never been that fond of hats, so that's something she's had to go out and find, and I think she's chosen very well.“

Dennis Gethin, President of the Welsh Rugby Union in interview to Press at the Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William + Kate Middleton.

Royal Ascot

Best Hats for Royal Ascot. What to wear for Royal Ascot. What to wear for Royal Ascot.

Princess Eugenies Royal Wedding

Best Dressed Guests at Princess Eugenies Wedding. What to wear to an Autumn Wedding. Royal Wedding Guests. Wedding Guest Outfits for Autumn Wedding

Recent Additions

Below are some of the Most Recent Additions to either our Hire Range, Handmade Millinery / Headpieces for Sale or Blog Posts and Styling Tips.

Golden Yellow Hat for Day at the races, or Summer weddings. Yellow Fascinators. Outfit ideas for wearing yellow. The yellow Amal Clooney wore to the Royal wedding

Golden Yellow Floral Saucer Hat.

Jul. 5th

New In. The popular Wavy Floral Saucer hat, handmade in the colour everyone is asking after since Amal Clooney wore head to toe Golden Yellow for the Royal wedding on the 19th May, shortly followed by Meghan herself on one of her first Royal duties as the Duchess of Sussex. Since then it seems everyone is looking to wear this cheery hue. View this Hat

Kentucky Derby Designer Hats. Hat for the Kentucky Derby with Free Postage Worldwide. Kentucky Derby Outfits.

KENTUCKY DERBY Collection with Free Worldwide Postage.

Feb. 11th

Don’t leave until end of April to hectically throw something together. The most important element of your Kentucky Derby Day outfit is the Hat. Have your's custom made for your Kentucky Derby outfits, from our Handmade Range, with Free Worldwide Shipping on orders placed by 7th April 2024. See Range

Book Car Parking for Royal Ascot, at the Royal Ascot Tennis Club


Sept 20th

You are not required to Pay for a Car Parking Space for collecting and returning your Hats from us at Royal Ascot. BUT if you need Car Parking for the day at Royal Ascot, you can buy this from us, at the Royal Ascot Tennis Club here. Bookings for Royal Ascot 2024 are now open.Mens Top Hat Hire. Top Hats for Ascot 2025. Top Hats for Royal Ascot 2025. Top Hat Hire at Royal Ascot Races. Vintage Silk Top Hats. Top Hat Hire for Ascot 2025. Top Hat Hire Royal Ascot. Top Hats for weddings, available on Mail Order. Top Hat Rental Royal Ascot.

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